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    Ash ketchum hat

    $ 19.99

    The more, the merrier. Ash Ketchum hat comes in a combination of 3 caps, especially for pokemon lovers. It is a complete package of comfort and sass from its material, looks, style, and lightweight. Well, the cotton material makes the cap very comfortable for the users to wear it regularly, and it soaks the sweat without leaving any stain. It is exactly the same as the picture in the display image. These caps are for different ages so that anyone can wear it. Also, it will come to you before time.


    • It is a multi-styling cap
    • It can be washed normally
    • It is available in different styles 
    • It is very lightweight
    • It is made of cotton fabric 
    • It is very durable and lightweight


    All in all, the cap is very durable, and all the users are happy with the outcome. It lasts for more than 2 years without any damage. Also, the quality is maintained throughout and has no complaints as such. It can be the best gift for a pokemon fan. Coming to price range, anyone can afford these 3 sets of caps. These adjustable caps are exactly what you are looking for, so grab yours now.

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